Judge your lodge

Well we don’t really think that there’s much judging required – it is just a cool way of telling our story and how HiLodger can help you and your host or landlord.

So what is HiLodger?

It is pretty simple:

  • Check your new rental and make sure that all is up to spec
  • Let you landlord or host know – make their day and tell them how good they’re doing
  • If things are not up to spec, tell your landlord or host and help them be better for their next guest

With HiLodger you can document your lodging in a few easy steps, make a few notes, take a few photos. Enter your host or landlords email and send a nice pdf where all your notes and photos are put into one document.

Who is HiLodger for?

Anyone renting an apartment, hotel room, summer home, Airbnb or other abode, either long term or temporarily.

Why did we develop HiLodger?

You know how a smile is the shortest distance between people? We’ve been working for years in the proptech business and seen an “us and them” attitude between landlords and tenants. 

We don’t believe in division – we believe in unity.

HiLodger is the platform that creates unity between tenant and landlord, it is the platform that breaks down imagined boundaries between guest and host. 

Make their day & spread the karma.

At HiLodger we encourage you to tell you landlord or host about your experience, especially when things are great –  it’ll make their day! When things are not so great, make sure to tell you landlord or host about the problems, so you help them be better for the next guest – it is plain and simple good karma.