HiLodger – judge your lodge

Rate your accommodation and tell your landlord, hotel, host and friends – share your experience!

Make your host happy when things are great – share your experience with your host and the community.

When things are not great, help your host be better, so that others will get a great experience.

HiLodger is free to use – spread the word

  • Moving into an apartment?

  • Checking into a hotel?

  • Renting a vacation home?

  • Renting an Airbnb?

Are you moving into a new apartment? Checking into a hotel? Renting a vacation home or renting an Airbnb?

Then you might want to quickly take a few photos and make a few comments about your new lodge 🙂

Why? If everything is up to spec, let your landlord/hotel know and make their day!

If something is not working, a surface scratched, cleaning not done properly, then protect yourself from deduction in deposit and heated discussions.

Document the state of things, fast and reliable with HiLodger and share your experience with you host and friends.

Come on, give it a try

Are you a Landlord, Hotel or property owner ?

You’re looking for DomuSpect – digital move in & out reports – go here:


How do I use HiLodger?

Take photos, make comments, use the checklist – send comments and photos to your host as a cool pdf file where everything is detailed – share your experience with friends and community in our upcoming HiLodger Community.

Why share? Many hosts, hotels and landlords do a terrific job providing you with the best accomodation out there – acknowledge them for their hard work and effort, and you’ll surely put a smile on their faces – and as you know, a smile is the shortest distance between people:-)

So what happens when things are not so great? Share it, let your host, hotel, landlord know so they can do better for the next person who rents their property, it is plain and simple good karma:-)